Author: Ted Fickes

What just happened? A look back the stories of 2017

Campaigning, Insights

2017 stories that impact campaigns and campaigners. Well, that was a year! Here are some of the stories and themes that shaped global campaigning in 2017, starting with MobLab’s most read pieces and a scan of the articles, ideas and events we shared. What’s missing? Have something to add? Send us a note or hit us up on Twitter with links to share. What you’re reading These are the most-viewed stories MobLab posted this year. Our bots (aka google analytics) seem to be telling us that tangible examples of scaling up campaigns and engaging new people more deeply are...

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CANVAS: Stopping the autocrats with creative activism

Leadership, People Lead

Autocrats are learning fast and obsessed with what they perceive to be the biggest threat to their power: “people power” revolutions. – Srdja Popovic, Center for Applied Nonviolent Action Strategies Last week, MobLab interviewed Srdja Popovic by email. Popovic is co-founder and Executive Director of CANVAS, the Center for Applied Nonviolent Strategies. CANVAS grew out of the Otpor! student movement that helped topple the Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic. Using creative subversion, CANVAS is training activists around the world and offering an extensive library of guidance on non-violent action and movement building. Their weekly situation reports update readers on global...

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Using Facebook Live to build and amplify your movement

Learning, Tools

With the right planning, tools and post-action strategy, Facebook Live can be much more than a broadcasting platform. At Netroots Nation 2017, Thais Marques (Movimiento Cosecha) and Yonah Lieberman (IfNotNow) shared their experience using Facebook Live during dozens of direct actions and events since the U.S. election. Their presentation [PDF] offers a guide to Facebook Live strategy before, during and after your event, provides gear resources and other tips. Create an absorption point: a way for people to engage in your work during/after the FB Live event. Use pre-recorded content to fill in the dull moments. Have someone offsite to...

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Want to fund the resistance? Test everything.

Case Studies, Testing

Greenpeace UK is testing dozens of form workflows, emails, monthly donor asks, Facebook lead generation and more. Here’s a look at the program, what’s being tested, and how it is spreading across the organisation. Don’t just tell people to test. Help them make it happen. Form optimisation and testing takes real time (and technical resources). Change culture by example: share testing ideas and results across the organisation. Greenpeace UK, one of the largest Greenpeace offices, has for years used direct dialogue/street canvasses and telephone marketing to bring in (and renew) donors. Renewing these supporters online is a challenge. So is...

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CampaignCon 2016: We are here to change the world

Events, Insights

An unprecedented mix of campaigners and activists gathered for CampaignCon last week. We shared expertise, built network strength, and grew the capacity of our campaigns to win at every level. We had a unique opportunity to learn. Campaigning is complex, emotionally draining work. That’s more true now than ever. Every day we face decisions about engaging and mobilising people in fast-changing (and often dangerous) political and technological environments. Over four days we asked questions, taught one another, tested ideas and planned ways to support ourselves, our organisations and our campaigns. CampaignCon is a brilliant mix of people, experience and passion in a beautiful place. – a CampaignCon...

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