Author: Richard Martin

Dissection of two days of action to #FreeTheArctic30

Case Studies

This is a story of two days of action / mobilisation – one from the UK with a long established volunteer network and structure  – the other from India with a much more limited volunteer base but with the space to experiment and grow. There is perhaps a third story to tell of a day of action / mobilisation building on the strengths of both these approaches. Background Greenpeace UK has a volunteer (active supporter) structure based around 60-65 geographically based local groups / networks, networks of individual volunteers (political lobbyists and Greenspeakers), trained trainers, and a robust online...

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Green Warriors of Delhi

People Lead

There is this mad rush of adrenaline in all kids whenever I go to schools for presentations. I look around and find myself surrounded by curious eyes, sheepish grins, or even students nudging each other to sit at the front row. I find teachers with their hands on their hips, frown lines across their forehead and raising a finger to their lips and asking all the very excited students to keep quiet. I simply smile to myself thinking “okay … making these kids listen to you is a challenge but I just hope .. really hope *fingers crossed* that...

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Tower of Babel


100 days into the Volunteering Lab project, I never expected to find myself facilitating a bi-lingual workshop in Spanish and Portuguese given my inability to order a cerveza or cerveja in either. As the first big project of the Vol Lab, the Latin American regional skillshare started as an idea to bring together the volunteer-coordinators of Brasil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico. Intelligent evolution led to a mobilisation skillshare; bringing together volunteer coordinators, digital mobilisers, action coordinators and fundraisers from all four countries and the virtual office of Colombia. If you like – the three disciplines of mobilisations + friends....

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Paving paradise to put up a parking lot

Case Studies, People Lead

This story was contributed by Chuck Baclagon – senior digital strategist Greenpeace Southeast Asia. Every once in a while Greenpeace ends up as target of environmental activists, pushing us to take a stand on issues that do not fall into Greenpeace’s neat campaign priorities. This is one such story, of how GPSEA staff found themselves singing Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi around a bonfire. We’d not only joined the Baguio campaign to save 182 trees from a proposed parking lot for a shopping mall, we’d done so without alienating our grassroots partners and together we won. Greenpeace became stronger...

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