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How do we innovate and win when campaigning gets harder?


Governmental and companies are restricting free speech, stopping internet access and making it harder for activists and NGOs to operate in the open. On May 10, 2018, MobLab Live hosted a conversation with Scovia Arinaitwe [Solidarity Uganda], Reza Ghazinouri [United for Iran], Hajnalka Schmidt [Greenpeace Hungary] and campaigners around the world to share experiences and ask questions about innovation in the face of difficult and risky campaigning circumstances. Think like your opposition. Digital security is a mentality (not a set of tools). Repression isn’t new but the technology of repression is quickly spreading. How do we remain innovative and...

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Experimentation, automation, social recruitment: MobLab Live on new campaigning and trends

MobLab Live

What’s the new campaigning look like? The first MobLab Live conversation of 2018 brought together global campaigners to talk about trends, how they’re adapting and what innovations they’re using to recruit and engage supporters. Choose recruitment tools that help you engage people in working together to take action. Integrate online and offline. Move quick from email to more direct relationship building. Done right, mobile can bridge polarisation and combat fake news. Loads of ideas and experimenting going on with automation and bots. In February, MobLab shared a briefing on campaigning trends around the globe:┬áKeep Campaigning Fresh: Trends Impacting Change...

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Keep Campaigning Fresh: Trends impacting change in 2018

Campaigning, Insights

Campaigners around the world face more (and more dangerous) risks than ever while the pace of change in communications, tech and power keeps speeding up. Here’s a look at key trends impacting campaigning in 2018. Thank you to the campaigners, colleagues and change makers who offered comments, edits and ideas on earlier drafts of this brief. We hope this is the early stage of an ongoing conversation about what campaigners are facing and how to stay on top of change. 1. The bot campaigners 2. Decentralised goes global 3. Facebook changes…again 4. More mobile (less social?) 5. It’s harder...

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