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On our radar: Tweetstorm apps + Hip hop powers change


A look at some of the most interesting stories we’re tracking, cool stories of change that popped up on Twitter and great ideas from across our network.  This week ==> Tweetstorms are coming (well, they’re here but we’ll probably see more of them soon). An amazing chronicle of Luanda’s underground music scene and Angolan politics. Can a chat bot power American political change? Want more? Subscribe to Dispatch (our email newsletter) and follow MobLab on Twitter and Facebook.  Come for the music. Stay for the political change. In Luanda, Angola, rappers risk jail to rhyme against the regime. Chloé Buire has spent...

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MobLab Dispatch: Checking In


Read past Dispatches and subscribe Over 120 campaigners from 43 countries met outside Barcelona in late-October at CampaignCon to build the skills, leadership and networks needed to win in a world of increasing political challenges and technological complexity. MobLab collaborated with nine other global campaign organisations to co-convene CampaignCon. Check out our latest recap to get an inside look into the conversations happening about threats to campaigning and campaigners, using new technology to engage millions more people, getting new resources to local campaigns, sustaining powerful knowledge sharing networks and more innovations from the front lines of change making in...

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