Author: MobLab Team

Keep Campaigning Fresh: Trends impacting change in 2018

Campaigning, Insights

Campaigners around the world face more (and more dangerous) risks than ever while the pace of change in communications, tech and power keeps speeding up. Here’s a look at key trends impacting campaigning in 2018. Thank you to the campaigners, colleagues and change makers who offered comments, edits and ideas on earlier drafts of this brief. We hope this is the early stage of an ongoing conversation about what campaigners are facing and how to stay on top of change. 1. The bot campaigners 2. Decentralised goes global 3. Facebook changes…again 4. More mobile (less social?) 5. It’s harder...

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On our radar: Tweetstorm apps + Hip hop powers change


A look at some of the most interesting stories we’re tracking, cool stories of change that popped up on Twitter and great ideas from across our network.  This week ==> Tweetstorms are coming (well, they’re here but we’ll probably see more of them soon). An amazing chronicle of Luanda’s underground music scene and Angolan politics. Can a chat bot power American political change? Want more? Subscribe to Dispatch (our email newsletter) and follow MobLab on Twitter and Facebook.  Come for the music. Stay for the political change. In Luanda, Angola, rappers risk jail to rhyme against the regime. Chloé Buire has spent...

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