Author: Lisa Goldman

How nonviolent grassroots mobilisation worked in East Jerusalem


A new, unarmed Palestinian grassroots resistance movement emerged in East Jerusalem last month. Activists achieved an unprecedented victory when the Israeli government met their demands following two weeks of sustained nonviolent mass action. Key Takeaways Solidarity shown by Christian, Muslim and secular Palestinians helped sustain long-term nonviolent. Protesters in long-term actions need the basics: East Jerusalem communities organised with the mosques to prepare and distribute food to protestors. It’s unclear if nonviolent mobilisation can be sustained–and help win–future confrontations in a tense community. The Palestinian-led protests that took place in East Jerusalem during the second two weeks of July came...

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Turkey arrests are a teachable moment for campaign organisers

Campaigning, Insights

Turkey arrests show that veteran NGOs have valuable knowledge to share about running a human rights campaign. In an incident that is attracting high profile international media coverage, an Istanbul court ruled on July 18 that six out of the 10 civil society activists detained by police on July 5 should be remanded for trial, on charges of aiding armed terrorist groups. Turkish police have detained and arrested tens of thousands of people over the past year, under the state of emergency laws that Erdogan imposed following the failed coup of July 15, 2016. They include teachers, academics, army...

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