Author: Jamie Woolley

How ‘Clean Energy Now’ became a national conversation

Campaigning, Case Studies

Kenyans are concerned about energy reliability. Many live off the electric grid or rely on kerosene and oil as fuel. Clean Energy Now put the need for clean and reliable energy in the spotlight during the national elections to gain government commitment on the issue. Clean Energy Now bridged a powerful urban/rural divide with offline actions and social media, learned about working with influencers and tested flexible campaign design in the face of Kenya’s fast-changing national politics. Offline actions + social media bridges urban/rural divide. Clear goals + flexibility respond to fast-changing politics. Coalitions amplify individual messages to break...

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Testing all the things: Big Clean Switch using market insights to change behaviour

Case Studies, Insights

Big Clean Switch is making clean energy exciting for jaded UK customers. How? It started by using market research to unlock the reasons why people don’t follow through with the seemingly simple act of switching to a clean energy provider. But what if research shows that people believe switching to clean energy is a great idea but nobody switches? What if clean energy advocacy organisations have been frustrated by the difficulty of getting people to switch? Opinion surveys consistently show that a majority of people in the UK support clean energy yet only around 250,000 households — less than...

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