Author: Ingo Boltz

Challenge seeks energy innovation for India

Case Studies

 Beginning next week, the Greenpeace Challenge will seek out and support ideas from designers, engineers, inventors and others around the world to design a simple, reliable, portable water pump powered by renewable energy. Ingo Boltz of the Greenpeace Innovation Lab explains the project here. Please spread the word and share your ideas!  When markets are slow to deliver new products that can help us save the planet, a focused innovation effort to create them can create a breakthrough. Greenpeace “solutions campaigns” have done that in the past. When, for example, the refrigeration industry insisted that HFC free fridges were...

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Gaming for Good – behind the scenes at Games for Change Festival in NYC


If there is one conference that brings together the who-is-who of “serious games” it’s the Annual Games for Change Festival in New York City. The Argentina Innovation Lab headed over to the big apple to see what’s new, meet the movers and shakers and lay the ground for our own games. From the very beginning it was clear that the interest in games as a tool for social change continues unabated. Assembled at the conference grounds at New York University for the “pre-festival summit” were all the US government agencies you can think of (the “Federal Games Working Group”)....

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