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Open map project breaks mold and brings new people to campaigning

Campaigning, Testing

Large and long-established organisations are often hesitant to release control and actively support distributed organising projects. In one example that breaks the mold, Friends of the Earth (FoE) and Climate Change Coders (CCCoders) have partnered on a new data-driven, open-source mapping project. The goal is to get campaigners from the UK (and beyond) to use freely available mapping code to create maps with different layers, data points and annotations. The open-source code was originally developed by Friends of the Earth, and it has already been deployed successfully on a ton of fascinating projects, including some involving bees, flood zones, and fracking. This collaboration is...

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Catching Kerry’s attention: Ocean campaigners elevate Twitter tactics

Case Studies, Testing

The Greenpeace oceans campaign team embraced a unique opportunity to catch the attention of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and open up conversation around the country’s position on high seas protection. The main strategy? Mimicking and overtaking conversation on Twitter, where Kerry is an active user. The U.S. Department of State’s Our Ocean Conference in June focused its engagement efforts around Twitter, having hired a former Google executive who promoted a Twitter Thunderclap and hashtags for the conference and projected a live-stream of tweets on a wall inside the event. Greenpeace saw an opportunity to develop campaign strategies...

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