Author: Colin Holtz

3 elements of strong open campaigns

Campaigning, Insights

Colin Holtz is a progressive writer and strategist who has authored several reports and articles for Mobilisation Lab, including Beyond Vanity Metrics: Toward better measurement of member engagement and “Grassroots-led Campaigns” Transforming the Landscape of Social Change. Colin joined us for Open Campaigns Camp 2015 and had these insights to share on open campaigning.  What do you get when you bring together 70 cutting-edge organizers from all over the globe to talk about opening up advocacy campaigns to members and grassroots leadership? Open Campaigns Camp 2015, sponsored by the Mobilisation Lab and Volunteer Lab at Greenpeace International. The Open Campaigns Camp...

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NEW REPORT: Grassroots-led Campaigns Transforming Social Change

Learning, People Lead, Resources

Saving hospitals in the UK. Blocking “super trawlers” in Australia. Winning local environmental battles in India. Stopping biased education standards in the United States. Suddenly, platforms that allow anyone to start a petition and run their own campaigns are everywhere. But the impressive growth of this new frontier in people-powered campaigning brings with it new questions: How do these “grassroots-led campaigns” platform actually work? What kind of impact are they actually having on the world? What are the wider implications of this new approach to campaigning for individuals and organizations? Should every group launch their own grassroots-led campaigns platform?...

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