Author: Agnes Radomski

Go beyond collaboration to build lasting power

Campaigning, People Lead

Open your mind to collaboration and look past ideas of who is or who isn’t an effective collaborator…because things are changing quickly. –Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš doesn’t view questions of equity, fairness and privilege as hypotheticals. She was often the only person of color in rooms of people working on sustainable fishing issues in southern California. There she was asked to represent large and diverse communities while dealing head on with issues of inequality, privilege and even racism in collaborations with large state and national organisations. Change (e.g. cleaning up a river, closing a toxic power plant or sustainable fishing rules)...

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How Direct Response TV scales emotional stories for a new audience

Campaigning, Tools

Email response rates got you down? Online petitions not reaching new people? Looking to talk to new people that are busy at home — but may have a TV on and a phone or tablet in their hand)? Greenpeace offices in Italy and New Zealand tested direct response television (often referred to as DRTV) as a way to scale outreach to new audiences and extend email, web and social media marketing. DRTV has been around for years and is a mature marketing approach for retail brands and other companies in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere. A DRTV ad includes a call to action asking viewers make...

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Black Friday’s call for economic and racial justice is spreading

Case Studies, People Lead

For the past three years, Black Friday has also been the focus of a movement aimed at improving working conditions for thousands of employees at the multibillion dollar retail giant, Walmart. In 2014, protests erupted nationwide after unarmed Black men were killed by police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City. Black Friday organizers and activists seized the momentum and combined their messages of economic and racial justice at thousands of Black Friday events.

These efforts demonstrate the increasing capacity of campaigners – and “regular people” – to build power by recruiting, mobilising and deeply empowering community members through collaboration, transparency and digital network building.

Find out more about this collaborative, cross-movement strategy and the technology tools that help support it.

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Five ways campaigns can break through with pop culture

Campaigning, Insights

American right-wing political agitator and and news pundit Glenn Beck earns an estimated $90 million a year running a media empire aimed at using pop culture to shift cultural values (and political outcomes). Beck has three movies in development, an online TV network with 300,000 paid subscribers, an online news portal with over 25 million monthly visitors and even a line of jeans. Tracy Van Slyke, a fellow at The Opportunity Agenda and director of the CEL Culture Lab, was struck by the influence of Beck and fellow conservative culture warriors. She spent the past year analysing the intersections...

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